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Sixtynine Records’ main HQ are located inside a small country called Macedonia. It is located in SouthEast Europe. Unfortunately, Macedonia in 2016 is still separated from the rest of the world. Why? Our politicians are one of the world leaders in the field of crime and corruption, so part of their agenda is to keep the people separated from the rest of the planet. Well, I mean, it’s not that bad, it’s worse.


The point is, we can’t accept online payments. So Paypal doesn’t work and also many other services are not available. At the very moment, we don’t have any options to sell online except for some local e-banking solutions, which are basically a big rip-off!

Until a better and more easy time comes, you can still support the music from all these artists and buy directly from us via a service called Moneygram. If you haven’t heard before, Moneygram is a solution with whom you must use your legs and go to the local Moneygram representative store (don’t worry, there are plenty of them everywhere) and pay the ammount. Best is – you don’t need any account – you just need your name & address and you must ask us also for a name and address. Please also include in the e-mail what do you want to get from our merch and to which location, so we can also calculate the shipping.

Here are the available products and prices:

CD’s (3 eur.):
• Noviot Pochetok – Evolucijata Bi Trebalo Da Zapochne Sega… (2006)
• Noviot Pochetok – Agnozija (2009)
• Noviot Pochetok – Melancholic Machine (2012)
• Noviot Pochetok – Jas sum zemja (2015)
• Screaming For Change – Self Titled (2010)
• Screaming For Change / Naked Like The Newborn – Split CD (2012)
• Hideout – Paradoxia (2012)
• Gears – The Valley Of Unrest (2012)
• Generiss – On The Brink Of Destruction (2012)
• Fonija – Mojot Pekol (2013)
• Spank – One Step Ahead (2014)
• Spank – Stuck (2015)

LP (10 eur.):
• Noviot Pochetok – Jas sum zemja (2015)

T-shirts (6 eur.):
• Noviot Pochetok – Т-shirts
• Screaming For Change – T-shirts

Bags (6 eur.):
• Noviot Pochetok – Bag


Sorry for being so stone-aged, but it’s just not our fault. We are constantly seeking for a solution for this problem, and we are sure we will find one soon.

The products are also available for viewing on the MK store: Please contact us for any other info you need.